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Why we use Netrunner as the default distro at ALC

Our workshop runs on the goodwill donations of our neighbors.

In our workshop we needed to re-install the OS on the systems the kids (kids being kids and given full reign would want to explore) would trash the 'windows OS' quickly. Little did we know that according to Microsoft's EULA, the COA on any given system does not mean you can re-install windows again on said machine. You need the accompanying original media. Good luck with that, especially when buying used computers usually the hard drive is reformatted.

Added to the ever growing world of Ubuntu-clones comes Netrunner. A Gnome-compatible Ubuntu system using a KDE front-end. What's good about this distro is, it follows user security defaults of Debian and Ubuntu, it doesn't include microsoft mono based apps and framework.

Netrunner – features:

- Linux kernel-2.6.32-22
- Firefox with plugins (Java, Flash, etc.)
- VLC (media player with codecs)
- OpenOffice Software Suite 3.2
- Thunderbird (email client)
- GIMP (paint program)
- audacious (winamp-like music player)
- pidgin
- vuze (filesharing program)

Donated systems installed on:

- IBM Thinkpad R51, T41m, T61
- Dell D610
- HP DV2, TX1000(1415d)

On a personal note; this is one distribution, out of a few, in which I've felt any need to further customize and can easily be installed on a USB drive.

Distro's that do not include the "mono" framework:
- Netrunner 2
- Kubuntu
- Mepis

To remove "mono" and config files:

sudo apt-get purge libmono* libgdiplus cli-common